Cavu Cay Sketch

Propsed Development in Venice, Florida.

Destinaton Motorsports

Highway Entrance to Destination Motorsports Sketch.

Luxury Seaside Unit

Luxury Seaside Beach Club Unit.

Luxury Seaside Interior

Luxury Seaside Beach Club Interior.

Pirate Attraction

Pirate Attraction & Excursion Base Camp in St. Thomas.

Port of Falmouth Central Plaza Concept

Port of Falmouth Central Plaza Concept Sketch.

Hotel California

Hotel California Concept Sketches.

Historic Barrett House

Historic Barrett House Restoration Sketch.

Appleton Rum Tour Greeting

Appleton Rum Tour Greeting.

Beach Villas

Beach Villa Concept Sketch.

Cozumel Sketches

Initial Cozumel Eco Park Concept Sketches.

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest Sketch.

Exit Retail Building

Exit Retail Exterior Sketch.

Celebration City Entrance Feature

Celebration City Entrance Feature.

Candle Cottage

Candle Cottage Elevation.